Proud to be an American


photo by Emma Boliard

by Emma Boliard, Staff Reporter

Are you proud to be an American? Well, Katelynn Cawthon and Miss Erika Dowd would say YES. These members of our hawk nation sing the National Anthem for school sporting events and the local Macon Speedway. When asked what the National Anthem means to them, Dowd says, “To me, the National Anthem is a song of pride for our country.  It is a song that tells the story of our nation’s flag standing firm through the midst of battle.  The flag symbolizes the power and stamina of our nation.  It says to me that America has and will continue to remain a strong and steadfast country.  When I sing the National Anthem, I have an overwhelming sense of patriotism for my country and I have to reflect on those who have fought to keep us free.”

We all know famous people sing the National Anthem for many occasions, and a lot of them have made mistakes, Cawthon said, “I have made many mistakes in front of many crowds. My voice likes to crack a lot and change pitch. I just ignore it and sing on with a smile.” Cawthon and Dowd have not had the privilege to do a duet together, Cawthon said, “We usually fill in for each other when one can’t make it to an event.”

Dowd is the chorus teacher for the Meridian school district. “Singing is my passion and I am very blessed to be in a career that lets me share my passion with others.” Cawthon said she wants to sing in her church for as long as she can, but she probably won’t take it into a career, she wants to go into a medical field.