Macon, Illinois gets a taste of heaven

The snow isnt even stopping customers from getting Chillbillys, Macon, Illinois newest restaurant.

photo by Katie Petrowsky

The snow isn’t even stopping customers from getting Chillbilly’s, Macon, Illinois’ newest restaurant.

Macon, Illinois got a new small town hamburger and fry joint three weeks ago named Chillbilly’s. It’s located right off  US 51, noticeable by the huge statue of a boy holding an ice cream cone in front of it.The atmosphere is a small town feel with nice employees. It only has a drive thru and two walk up windows. It reminds a lot of people from Central Illinois of Krekels in the nearby town of Decatur, Il.

Kimmy Spiker, a junior at Meridian High School and an employee at Chillbilly’s, has been working there since it opened. For a small restaurant in a small town it has quite the menu. The menu ranges from burgers and fries to ice cream and milkshakes with a lot in between. Spiker’s personal favorite on the menu is the bacon cheeseburger. Spiker said, “I like the small town feel of it but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it with all the people who come.”

Having this restaurant in Macon, Il makes eating out very convenient for the townsfolk. Dalton Collins, a junior at Meridian High School, has been there 3 times. He said, “It reminds me of Krekels but I like it better because it’s cheaper.” Boyd Mathias, a junior at Meridian High School, has only been there once but he says, “My favorite thing that I got was the vanilla ice cream.”

All in all, Chillbilly’s is bringing more attention to the small town of Macon, Il. If you want a quick burger and fry, ease your way through the drive thru for a delicious hamburger.