The taste of happiness

Fat Sandwich Company Champaign

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Fat Sandwich is located on the campus of University of Illinois in Champaign. Their name fits the food wonderfully and the restaurant itself is a funny but enjoyable atmosphere. All the employees are friendly and happy to wait on a customer every time they walk in the door.

“You should either be really, really hungry or have a friend with you to split one meal with you! Their sandwiches are that big, but they’re worth it all,” says Jessica White after her experience at Fat Sandwich during a field trip to the U of I.

One of people’s favorite sandwich to get is the Fat Illini. It consists of chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks covered in french fries and ranch. All Fat Sandwiches are served with fries on an 8” Amoroso bun. Another favorite thing that is at Fat Sandwich is build your own sandwich. Everything is served with fries no matter what, but there are almost 40 different things to choose from when making your own sandwich. Many things from pickles, waffle fries, mac n’ cheese fries, and cheese whiz.


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