Bad Grandpa: Movie Review

This story follows 86-year-old Irving Zisman on a journey across America with the most unlikely companion, his 8 year-old grandson Billy. The eventful tale starts with Billy (Jackson Nicoll) sitting in a waiting room talking to strangers about how he’d like to live next to the jail because his mom has to go to jail as she was caught selling drugs. Billy’s mom Kimmie (Georgina Cates) drops him off at the funeral home where Irving is having a funeral for his wife. His mom and Irving (Johnny Knoxville) get into an argument and  knock over the casket with Irving’s dead wife in it, resulting in people leaping out of their seats, screaming, and praying. Kimmie ends up leaving Billy with Irving and tells him to take Billy to his dad Chuck (Greg Harris). Irving ends up web chatting with Chuck inside a cafe where an argument breaks out, but Chuck doesn’t want to take Billy until he learns that he can get child support. Irving is told to bring Billy to Raleigh, North Carolina, to drop him off.

This movie is more than just actors trying to do the stupidest stunts possible, it’s a hidden camera show that pins real people with what they think are real situations’ with Irving and Billy. The movie goes from having Billy pretending that random strangers are his father to Irving having an “accident” at a dinner, carrying around Irving’s wife’s body in the trunk of the car everywhere they go, Irving getting launched through a window by a kiddie ride, crashing a lady’s night at a male strip club, a wedding, and a beauty pageant.

Through all the insanity Irving starts see Chuck as a “not so fit to” caretaker for Billy. At a bar with a child protection biker gang, Chuck throws a fit and starts not being so nice to his son in front of these people, resulting in Irving taking Billy back with him and Chuck being restrained by all the leather!

Directed by Jeff Tremaine, the original director of most of the Jackass productions, the full crew was there on set to make this movie happen. After the credits, in the bloopers, it said that the movie was in memory of Ryan Dunn, a member of the Jackass crew suddenly lost due to a car crash at the age of 34.