Dear Merrie D. Anne I have COVID-19 what now?


photo by Breanna Evans

Merrie D. Anne is The Meridian Daily advice columnist who addresses issues students may face. This month, she gives advice on how to handle feelings of confusion and stress associated with a busy spring schedule.

Dear Merrie D. Anne, I have tested positive for COVID-19 and I have no idea what I should do. I am scared that I’ll fall behind in my classes, and I am scared of how sick I might get. I am also kind of nervous about how left out I’ll feel while I’m in quarantine. Any advice?

Sincerely, Sick and Sad

Dear Sick and Sad,

I feel obligated to tell you that I am no doctor, but I will advise you the best I can. Speaking of doctors, after you have tested positive for COVID-19 you should call your healthcare provider. Stay hydrated, sleep on your stomach, and listen to whatever other advice your doctor gives you. Coming from someone who has had COVID-19, if you are experiencing muscle aches invest in a good heating pad.

Have clear communication with your teachers. If you are confused about an assignment email your teacher for help and talk to others who share the class. Try to do at least a few assignments a day but don’t stress yourself out too much if you are feeling really sick, your teachers should understand.

Set a schedule for yourself. Even though you aren’t going anywhere, having a sense of routine will be good for your mental health. Wake up, shower, eat, do homework, and even nap at roughly the same time for however long you are quarantined.

Stay connected with your friends using social media and FaceTime. Most likely your friends will not forget about you while you are in quarantine, and if they do they are bad friends.  Reach out to your family you are quarantined with for emotional support, this may be an opportunity for you to try to spend more time with your parents or siblings. Read books, watch movies, write, or sit outside. You can enjoy having alone time without being lonely. If you are an extrovert this may take practice, but learning how to be happy alone is a good thing to learn.

Lastly, stay in tune with your health and contact your doctor if your condition gets worse.