Dear Merrie D. Anne, how do I become more confident?


photo by Breanna Evans

Merrie D. Anne is The Meridian Daily advice columnist who addresses issues students may face. This month, she gives advice on how to handle feelings of confusion and stress associated with a busy spring schedule.

Dear Merrie D. Anne,

I’ve never been a confident person and I’m wondering how I can change that. I’d love to be one of those super confident people but I just can’t seem to do it. Any advice?


Insecure and Self-critical


Dear Insecure and Self-critical,

Sometimes being a confident person is really hard. It’s something everyone has a hard time with eventually. One of the best things you can do is to realize that everyone is too busy thinking negative things about themselves to think any about you.

You have to focus on all the good qualities you have. It’s important to give yourself some credit for all you do. Think about everything you are good at and all the things you have accomplished. Start being more positive, and nicer to yourself.

Don’t talk badly about yourself. If you only focus on the negative aspects of yourself, then you lower your confidence without even realizing it. Your thoughts are very powerful.

Stop comparing yourself to other people. You should learn to appreciate good things about others without thinking that these things take away from your own worth.

Stand up for yourself. Other people can definitely bring your confidence down if you let them. Don’t be afraid of setting boundaries and standing your ground.

Stand up straight. Sometimes the beginning of having confidence is just acting like you already have it. Faking confidence isn’t hard if you really try.

Learn to love yourself! Once you realize your own worth and become your own best friend, it makes being confident so much easier.

Being a confident person takes time, don’t forget that building your confidence is a process! Be patient with yourself.