Dear Merrie D. Anne, I’m stressed out about finals


photo by Breanna Evans

Merrie D. Anne is The Meridian Daily advice columnist who addresses issues students may face. This month, she gives advice on how to handle feelings of confusion and stress associated with a busy spring schedule.

by Emery Johnson , Reporter

Dear Merrie D. Anne,

I’m stressed out about finals. I always get sidetracked, I never have time between all my activities to study, and I’m always up super late. If I don’t get a good grade on this one exam, I’ll fail the class.

Sincerely, Sidetracked.


Dear Sidetracked,

Final exams are always a stressful time of year and it’s normal to be nervous. The best way to not be as nervous is to be prepared. The best way to be prepared is to study well.

Limit distractions. Put your phone on silent and turn it over. Without the distraction of your phone, you will stay on track better.

Another thing that helps if you are overwhelmed by exams, is to break up your study time. Thinking about studying for three hours at a time can seem like a lot. Study for ten minutes before going to school, study at lunch, before going to bed, and study with friends. Most importantly, take your study materials everywhere you go.

And lastly, my best piece of advice is to make flashcards. If you really want to memorize something, you should write it down and also say, see, and read it. The great thing about flashcards is that they are small so you can keep them with you, and you can always have your friends quiz you on the material.