The truth about bullies


photo by Valerie Cook

by Karrigan True, Photographer

Dear True, I need the truth…

“Why are high school teens bullying other high school teens?”


Concerned student




Dear concerned student, here is the truth…

Sometimes kids find the need to be mean to other kids and break them down. Bullying has been an issue for so long. No one can seem to find an end to it. Even though there is never an excuse, there are many reasons why people are mean.

For example, people aren’t always extremely confident in their appearance. They try to make fun of others for how they look because of it. By doing this, it makes the person who is bullied feel just as bad as the person who says the mean words or does the hurtful actions.

When someone doesn’t act the same way or do the same things as someone else, they may get made fun of for it. They may be thought of as “weird” or “not normal.”

Don’t be afraid to stand up for someone who is bullied. People often don’t do this because they are scared they may be made fun of or hurt as well. By simply standing up for someone, you’re more help to them than you know.

In reality, everyone is their own person. It’s okay to be who you are, you just have to embrace it. I was bullied a lot through elementary and middle school. For the longest time, I worried so much about what other people thought. Once you learn to genuinely not care what anyone says, you will be so much happier.

There is no better feeling than to live without fear. If someone calls you names or makes fun of you, just ignore it. They most likely only say it because they lack confidence in themselves.

It’s important to know your self-worth. You mean so much more than those labels people throw on you. Everyone is unique in their own ways. If we were all the same, the world would be no fun. Remember to just be you.

Thanks for writing!

-Karrigan True