Battling the bus


photo by Valerie Cook

by Karrigan True, Photographer

Dear True, I need the truth…

“I hate riding the bus because these little kids sit in the back and don’t understand high school etiquette. They yell, scream, and start fights. I feel like when I was younger the rule was always youngest in front and oldest in back unless you had a sibling to ride with. Little kids are always trying to fight me and get into arguments about where I sit too. I’m friends with the person I share a seat with! They don’t have to tell me not to sit there! How do I handle this?”


A bus-hating student




Dear bus-hating student, here is the truth…

The bus can be quite stressful. Before I got my license, I would dread riding the bus every day. Even if kids are younger than you, they still think it’s acceptable to mess with you and it’s not.

When I used to ride the bus, I normally just sat in the front and made sure to have earbuds. None of my buses ever had assigned seats, therefore, I just sat wherever there weren’t any kids.

If you do have assigned seats, my best suggestion is to have earbuds. Also, try to talk to the person you sit with and explain to them it’s where you have to sit and they will have to deal with it.

It may be a good idea to talk to your bus driver and explain the situation. They may be able to talk to the kids or tell them to stop being so loud and mean.

Another option would be to tell your parent or guardian about the situation. They might be able to give you rides to or from school even if it’s just sometimes. However, it isn’t always possible.

If you have a friend or neighbor who can drive, ask them for rides. Most people with their license know how stressful the bus can be and would be more than happy to give you rides.

Thanks for writing!

-Karrigan True