No heat for the Hawks

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No heat for the Hawks

Sadie Scott, Editor-in-Chief

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How do I get warm in my classes?

From, I’m frozen in all my classes <3″


Dear “frozen in all my classes,”

I think most of the school can say they feel the same way. If you’re wondering what’s caused this colder change in temperature in the school, it’s due to a virus infecting the software of the computer which controls our thermostat. Since there’s no way to know for sure when this problem will be resolved, let’s list some ways to stay warm in the frozen tundra of Meridian Senior High School:

  1. Bring a blanket- As a responsible writer, I will warn this is frowned upon in some classrooms. As a freezing student, I’ll say it’s not about who will let you, but who will stop you.
  2. See how many sweatshirts you can wear at one time- this is a challenge.
  3. Do some jumping jacks to warm yourself.
  4. Think about kittens- it may not warm your body, but it will warm your heart.
  5. Buy a hand warmer.
  6. Tell your best friend you like someone they despise- there will be a lot of hot air that comes out of them as they yell and rant.

I hope you find this list helpful, “frozen in all my classes.” Stay warm and remember to write again!

-Sadie Scott

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