Being the new kid on the block

Tori Deardorff, Staff Reporter

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Think about this: being in a new town, at a new school and having to restart with everything. Trying to make new friends isn’t always the easiest especially when it’s a school of 300 kids. Well, this is what sophomore Breanna Barnes and her brother Richard Barnes had to do. Moving from Roxana, IL, with a population of approximately 1,550 people to a small rural area around Decatur, IL, proved difficult. Everyone knew who they were when they showed up. Anticipation was high as always while expecting new students, that was the talk of the school! As you can imagine in a school of roughly 300 students word gets around fast, whether it is good or bad. So many questions were going around. Are they nice? Is she shy? Is he shy? What will they think of it here? When senior Melissa Mclaughlin was asked how she felt about getting new students, she smirked and said, “I like getting new students! When you live In a small town anybody new is always a good thing!”

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