Dear Donnie

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Dear Donnie,
My parents make me do extra curricular activities along with making me keep a job. They do it because they think it’s going to keep me out of any possible trouble, but then they get mad when my grades start dropping. I feel like they are pushing me too hard and way past my limit. I do not have time to do homework half the time because I’m either in practice or at work.  Please help!
-Sincerely,  Pushed to the Limit.

Dear Pushed to the Limit,

I think you need to quit extra curricular activities.  Because in a lot of cases a job is more important,  unless you paid a lot of money to play this sport. Having a job will prepare you more for your future, unless you plan on playing in college. If your parents are pushing you to do them, then it must not be in your interest. 



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